Pancreatic Cancer Treatment

Pancreatic Cancer treatment in PCMC


At present, there is a huge number of cancer patients who suffer from different types of cancer. Like other cancer, pancreatic cancer is also a much-talked topic in recent times. Per the statistics, pancreatic cancer is among the top 11 cancer types. However, there is a hope that the survival rate of pancreatic cancer will rise to 11% in the next 5 years.

Pancreatic cancer develops in the tissue of the pancreas. It is the organ that situates below behind the lower portion of the belly. The pancreas releases enzymes that help in the proper digestion of any patient. This will produce a hormone that will help in managing the level of blood sugar.

Probable symptoms

Once a patient suffers from pancreatic cancer, he will feel abdominal pain that will radiate to the back. Light-colored stool, itchy skin, blood clots, and fatigue are some common symptoms of pancreatic cancer.

Diagnosis And Treatment For Pancreatic Cancer

  • Once you face, those unexplained symptoms need to consult with healthcare professionals. The doctors will suggest the below diagnosis process to treat pancreatic cancer.
  • The diagnosis process starts with imaging tests. It will create pictures of your internal organs. Doctors will check the internal organs and will suggest for ultrasound, CT scan, MRI, etc.
  • Doctors will suggest an Endoscopic Ultrasound, which will generate pictures of your pancreas.
  • The next most reliable therapy is a biopsy. Here small tissues are removed to examine them under the microscope.
  • A blood test is the most common diagnosis process for pancreatic cancer. Here doctors will collect blood samples to check the presence of specific proteins.
  • Depending on the result of the diagnosis, doctors will suggest different treatment options. Normally there are five types of treatment options available for pancreatic cancer: surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, chemoradiation therapy, and targeted therapy.


Dr. Ashish Pokharkar of cancer surgery in Pune suggests the best treatment options for every pancreatic patient.