Chemotherapy Treatment In PCMC

Chemotherapy Treatment in PCMC | Dr. Ashish Pokharkar

Chemotherapy is one of the essential treatment options for almost all cancer types. In this treatment, one or one anti-cancer drugs are used to kill rapidly developing cells in the body. This therapy is used to treat cancer, and it will reduce the chance of the growth of cancer cells fast.

Why is Chemo Necessary?

No doubt, Chemotherapy seems to be the best treatment option to treat a patient with cancer. Different settings are used for Chemotherapy to treat people suffering from cancer. The probable benefits of Chemotherapy can be mentioned below.

  • Chemotherapy is one of the essential points to treating cancer without other treatment options. As per experts, Chemotherapy is the primary treatment option for cancer.
  • This therapy is necessary to kill the hidden cancer cells in the human body even after other cancer treatments. Sometimes doctors also prefer using Chemotherapy after other cancer treatments like surgery to kill the secret cancer cells in the patient’s body. This therapy is also known as adjuvant therapy.
  • This therapy is necessary to prepare you for other treatments. Chemotherapy is used to shrink the size of the tumor so that doctors can recommend other treatments like radiation and surgery to prevent cancer. This therapy is also known as neoadjuvant therapy.
  • The best part of Chemotherapy is to reduce the signs and symptoms of cancer cells. This will help patients to get relived from all signs of cancer. Doctors denote this treatment as palliative chemotherapy.

Chemotherapy For Other Diseases

Besides cancer, Chemotherapy is also an essential treatment option for other diseases.

  • Doctors recommend Chemotherapy for bone marrow disease. As per this disease, the bone marrow and the blood cells will get infected, and stem cell transplantation is the best option. Chemotherapy is frequently used to prepare a patient for the transplantation of bone marrow.
  • Disorders in the immune system can also be treated using Chemotherapy. Here low doses of chemotherapy drugs are used to keep the overactive immune system under control. This treatment is essential for lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. Patients can consult with Dr. Ashish Pokharkar for the best treatment.


If you are experiencing the symptoms of cancer and looking for Chemotherapy treatment in PCMC get in touch with Dr. Ashish Pokharkar.