Cancer in India and its Prevention Tips

cancer in india

Cancer refers to abnormal cell growth, and it spreads to other tissues in your body, causing the growth of tumors. Over thousands of people in India suffer from cancer. That is why it is important to spread awareness and know-how to prevent cancer.

Cancer in India: Risk factors

  • Genetic

Your genetic cancer risk depends on the DNA you inherit from your parents.

  • Biological

Biological cancer risk factors vary according to age, race, and gender.

  • Behavioral

If you consume alcohol or tobacco in any form, it can increase your risk of having cancer.

  • Environmental

Environment factors include things in the environment that enhance your risk of cancer. For instance, sun exposure can lead to skin cancer.

How to prevent cancer?

  • Avoid tobacco

If you smoke or consume tobacco, it can increase your risk of cancer. Therefore, in order to prevent cancer, you have to quit smoking.

  • Have a healthy weight

You can prevent cancer risk by having a healthy weight. For this, you can perform physical activities for a duration of 150 minutes weekly.

  • Use sun protection

If it’s not necessary, avoid going out in the sun between ten in the morning and four in the evening. In case you go out, wear sunscreen with a high SPF. Wear clothing that will help guard all the exposed areas from harmful ultraviolet rays. It will help prevent any kind of skin cancer.

  • Limit your alcohol intake

Alcohol intake can cause several types of cancer. These include cancer of the esophagus, rectum, colon, breast, liver, mouth, and others. Both men and women must therefore limit their alcohol intake to one or two drinks per day.


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