8 Ways to Stay Healthy after Cancer

8 Ways to Stay Healthy after Cancer | Dr. Ashish Pokharkar

Cancer treatment can be hard for patients as much as it can be draining. Nowadays, many cancer survivors are living a healthy and long life after their treatment. You can also try 8 other ways by which you can stay healthy after overcoming cancer.

8 Ways to Stay Healthy after Cancer

  • Exercising

You can stay fit and be active so that you feel good and enhance the recovery speed. At first, your body may be become weak after the initial treatment. Hence, you will not be able to match your regular exercise goals. After a point, you will gain your strength back and your mood will improve. You can sleep well. If you want to know more, you can ask your doctor.

  • Healthy diet

While you are getting your cancer treatment, your weight can go down. With a healthy diet full of seeds, nuts, vegetables, and fruits, you will be strong again.

  • Improve your emotional well being

You may not be able to remain healthy after cancer if you are not emotionally strong. Try to get in touch with a counselor in case you think you are constantly getting back into depression. Moreover, you do not always have to pressurize yourself into acting happy for pleasing your loved ones.

  • Sleep well

Cancer can affect your sleep cycles. This can cause stress to your body. Hence, you must try to improve your sleep cycle in order to get well.

  • Protect your skin

You can protect your skin from ultraviolet ray exposure from sun and also tanning beds.

  • Avoid tobacco

You can stop smoking tobacco. This will prevent your cancer from returning.

  • Stay away from stress

Stress can be harmful for your well being.

  • Get some assistance

You do not always have to do everything on your own. For this, you can ask friends from your family and friends until you get better.


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