Thyroid Cancer: Symptoms and Signs

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The Thyroid, the butterflyshaped gland near our trachea, produces hormones necessary to regulate the heart rate, body temperature, and heart. At present, the rate of cases of Thyroid Cancer are getting increased noticeably. 

Signs and symptoms of Thyroid Cancer :

Primarily Thyroid Cancer does not reveal any symptoms, but patients feel pain and uneasiness once it starts growing. Patients will start feeling swelling in the neck. Let’s check the signs that patients may feel the following symptoms.

  • There can be a lump in the patient’s neck. It can grow quickly.

  • Patients will feel swelling in the neck

  • Sometimes patients can face pain in the front of the neck, which can also extend to the ears.

  • Patients can also feel trouble while breathing.

  • Patents can suffer from a constant cough, which is not due to a cold.

So, whenever any person suffers from those above symptoms, they should rush to the doctors to get early treatment. 

Causes of Thyroid Cancer:

Thyroid cancers mainly develop due to genetic changes in the thyroid. The mutations in the thyroid cells start growing fast and spread rapidly. Once the abnormal cells of the thyroid accumulate, these become a tumor. However, experts are still not clear about the causes of thyroid cancer.

Types of Thyroid Cancer:

Depending on the cells from which thyroid cancer develops, it is classified into the following categories.

  • The most common type of thyroid cancer is Papillary. As per experts, almost 80 percent of thyroid cancer fall in this category. Well, this cancer has a reasonable recovery rate.

  • Almost 15 percent of thyroid cancer falls in the Follicular category. This cancer often spreads to bones and other organs. This cancer seems extremely challenging to cure.

  • It has been noticed that almost 2 percent of thyroid cancer is medullary. Normally individuals who have a family history of thyroid are more likely to get affected to this disease.

  • The last type and most typical one is Anaplastic. Experts find this cancer tough to treat, and it can spread to other tissues.  

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