Salivary Gland tumor treatment

Salivary Gland tumor treatment | Dr. Ashish Pokharkar, Pune.


A group of clinicians specializing in head and neck cancer should devise a treatment strategy for patients with cancer of the salivary gland tumor. Generally speaking, there are three categories of conventional treatment: Surgical intervention, irradiation, and chemotherapy. Clinical studies are now investigating novel therapeutic options. Dr. Ashish Pokharkar is one of the best Salivary Glands Cancer Surgeons in Pune.

Patients with salivary gland cancer may choose from a variety of therapy options.

Patients with cancer of the salivary glands may choose from a variety of therapy options. Some therapies are considered the gold standard (the therapy of choice at the present time), while others are still in the experimental stage and are only being examined in clinical studies. Clinical trials are research studies conducted to learn more about potential therapies for cancer or to enhance existing ones.

The gold standard for therapy may shift to a newer, more effective method if clinical studies bear that up. Participating in a clinical study is an option patient should consider. Patients who have already begun therapy may not be eligible to participate in all clinical studies.

If you are seeking the help of a Salivary Glands Cancer Specialist in Pune, contact Dr. Ashish Pokharkar. There are three categories of conventional treatment:


Salivary gland cancer is often treated with surgical resection. The malignancy, as well as part of the good tissue surrounding it, may be removed by the doctor. Lymph node removal surgery, or lymphadenectomy, is performed in certain patients.

Following surgery in which the surgeon eliminates all visibly present cancer, some patients may have radiation treatment to eliminate any remaining cancer cells. Adjuvant treatment is administered after surgery to reduce recurrence. One of the best Salivary Gland Cancer Doctors in Pune is Dr. Ashish Pokharkar.

A Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy is a kind of cancer treatment that employs the use of high-energy x-rays or other forms of radiation to kill cancer cells or inhibit their growth.

Salivary gland cancer is treated with external radiation treatment, which may also be used as palliative care to alleviate symptoms and enhance the quality of life.


Using medications to destroy or prevent the division of cancer cells is the goal of chemotherapy, a treatment for the disease. If chemotherapy is administered intravenously, intramuscularly, or orally, the medications will enter the circulation and go to all of the body’s cancer cells (systemic chemotherapy).


If you are experiencing the symptoms of a salivary gland tumor and looking for Salivary Glands Cancer Treatment in Pune, get in touch with Dr. Ashish Pokharkar.