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Very keen observation, empathetic, understands patient s problem very well. You get all the answers of cancer related issues, feeling satisfied. Afterall a very good oncosurgeon. Recommended.

Shital Khedkar

Dr. Ashish takes personal interest in treatment and surgery and ensures follow-up procedures are taken seriously to ascertain well being of his patients even long after surgical procedures and post operative care.

Sandeep Sampson

Dr Ashish Pokharkar's timely and correct advice helped us in taking the correct decision for parotid gland surgery of my husband. The operation was done very professionally by him and his team. The surgery was successful hence the recovery was very quick. We wish him all the best in his profession and future ventures

Anchal Bhastekar

I couldn’t have been in better hands! Extremely patient and sympathetic. He explained the whole procedure and risks very well. Not one to scare you with medical jargon, he would often draw what the problem area was and what could have gone wrong. My whole family is grateful for his support and expertise

Manjusha Singh

Had a Great experience with Doctor and Jupiter hospital. As i already Heard about the Dr.Ashish Pokharkar, he is the experienced doctor from TATA Memorial hospital and cancer center Mumbai. Thank you Ashish sir for Your best treatment and being patient-friendly and for being very clear about surgery procedure.

Achyut Gawade