Oral cancer prevention – It’s in your hands

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The number of patients having oral cancer is rising noticeably over the years. As per research, it has been noticed that men are more prone to suffer from mouth cancer than women. Therefore, longer usage of tobacco is one of the prime reasons for having oral cancer. But, staying away from this harmful and lifethreatening disease is not a challenging task. 

Mouth or oral cancer can develop in your lips, gums, tongue, inner part of cheeks, the root of mouth, and floor of the mouth. Hence, you can scroll down to check how you can keep yourself away from mouth cancer

  • Make flossing a habit:

Doctors suggest that you also need to make dental flossing a routine despite you brush your teeth twice a day. This practice will keep you safe from getting affected by oral cancer.

  • Say No to tobacco:

Regular tobacco use is one of the most significant reasons for suffering from oral cancer. Chewing of tobacco and smoking can cause oral cancer. Tobacco creates grey and white ulcers in the mouth, and if not detected early, it can become life-threatening.

  • Consume alcohol of moderate quality:

Regular alcohol intake breaks the immunity powers in humans to fight against cancer. Hence doctors always suggest consuming alcohol in moderate quantities to stay safe from oral cancer.

  • Pay a visit to the dentist:

Many ignore visiting the dentist, and most of the time, it can cause problems in the mouth. It is necessary to pay a visit to dentists whenever you face a simple oral problem. Moreover, doctors also suggest that every person needs to visit dentists every six months. This practice will help to detect if your mouth is facing any problem or not.

Besides all those precautions, doctors also suggest getting vaccinated for HPV or Human Papillomavirus. This vaccine keeps you safe from oral cancer.

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