Oral Cancer: 5 Ways To Quit Smoking

oral cancer

Oral cancer happens in the form of a sore or a growth in your mouth. It refers to cancer of the cheeks, tongue, lips, soft and hard palate, and pharynx. Many times, the cause of oral cancer is smoking. For this reason, we will list five ways by which you can quit smoking.

Five ways to quit smoking

  • Perform physical activity

Physical activity can keep you distracted from consuming tobacco. For instance, you can go for a morning or evening run. Or, whenever you have a tobacco craving, you can lower its intensity by running up and down the stairs.

  • Go for nicotine replacement therapy

Nicotine replacement therapies in the form of inhalers, nasal sprays, lozenges, and nicotine gum can help you to deal with your cravings. You can further try non-nicotine medications.

  • Try relaxation techniques

If you live a stressful life, then you may be inclined to smoke. To manage your stress, try other techniques that help you to relax, such as meditation and yoga.

  • Find a reason

In case you have a strong reason for quitting, you will be able to stop smoking and protect yourself and your loved ones.

  • Rely on prescription

Medicines can help you to manage your cravings and other withdrawal symptoms like depression.


Symptoms of oral cancer

If you notice any or all of the following symptoms of oral cancer, you must quit smoking.

  • Persistent sores in your mouth
  • Red and white patches in the mouth
  • Swelling, bumps, and lumps in your mouth
  • Difficulty moving your tongue
  • Sore throat or hoarseness
  • Loss of pain or feeling in the mouth, neck, or face
  • Sudden loss of weight


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