National Cancer Survivors Day-5th June

National Cancer Survivors Day

On June 5, 1988, the inaugural National Cancer Survivors Day was celebrated. Local governments, hospitals, and other organizations have held independent but concurrent parades and rallies as part of a loose network of remembrance.

According to the website, anyone may register an event with the NCSD and have it supported by the organization as a whole. With the support of the organization’s database of speakers (medical experts and more), towns and cities around the country are able to conduct events of their own.

Celebrations of the NCSD have included art shows, carnivals, competitions, and testimony by high-profile survivors, as well as a variety of other events. This coming June, why not join the growing community of survivors and supporters in your area by registering your own NCSD event on their website, Make it a day to remember.

Exactly who is considered to be a cancer “survivor”?

The NCSD Foundation defines a survivor as someone who has been affected by the illness at any point in their life, from the time of their first diagnosis until the present.

What is the essence of National Cancer Survivors Day?

There are more than 16 million cancer survivors in India alone. Perhaps you or someone you know is a survivor, or perhaps you are a survivor yourself. It is a day to honor the memory of those who have died and to show them that they matter.

Medical practitioners may swap “cured” with “remission,” but there is no actual cure for cancer. The closer we come to an all-encompassing treatment, the more attention the condition receives, such as during the NCSD festivities in June.

However, despite the seriousness of the occasion, it’s a great day to be out. In the end, who doesn’t like an annual parade or festival and a Zoom call in the future? Smiling faces are always a helpful kind of rehabilitation for those who are unwell.


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