Kidney Cancer Symptoms, Diagnosis, And Treatment

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They are two bean-shaped organs, each hand-sized, that filters waste products from the body. They may be found on each side of your spine in your abdomen. A person’s kidneys remove waste from the blood and expel urine via the kidneys. Cancer of the kidneys may be caused by various kinds of cancerous cells.


Kidney cancer is diagnosed based on the symptoms and indications it exhibits.


In the early stages of kidney cancer, there are generally no symptoms when the tumor is tiny. Progressing tumors may cause a wide range of symptoms, such as:


  • chronic back discomfort, particularly in the area behind the ribs
  • pee with blood
  • The ache in the lower back
  • Lump in your lower back/side from exhaustion
  • Frequent and severe headaches
  • Deficiency of food
  • Anemia due to weight reduction without apparent cause


How to find out if you have kidney cancer


Kidney cancer may be detected using a variety of different tests, some of which are listed below:



When blood is present, it’s possible to detect it using a urine analysis. Additionally, it may disclose other indications of illness. This method may potentially be used to identify cancer cells.


Blood count in its entirety

Energetic red blood cells are produced by the kidneys, which create erythropoietin. If the red blood cell count is high, indicating polycythemia, a complete blood count might disclose this information. In Polycythemia, an excess of red blood cells may lead to a thicker blood supply and other health issues.


Tests of blood chemistry

To determine the health of your kidneys, blood chemistry tests might be used. Liver enzymes and calcium are two substances that might be affected by kidney cancer in your blood.


Abdominal and kidney ultrasound

Measure the size and form of your kidneys via abdominal ultrasound. If a tumor is present, its size and consistency may be discerned by examining it. An ultrasound may overlook tiny tumors or kidney stones; therefore, another imaging test may be needed.



It is more common for kidney cancer to originate in one of the kidneys. Early signs like back discomfort or blood in the urine may still be present. It’s essential to see Dr. Ashish Pokharkar for the best advice and treatment if you notice any odd symptoms and to schedule an annual checkup as soon as possible.