Guidelines for How to Prevent Cancer or Find It Early

Prevent cancer

Cancer is still a trauma for every human being. If you survey, you will hardly find a house with no cancer history nowadays. The experience that a cancer patient and his/her family go through can never be removed from their mind.

Thus, Dr. Ashish B Pokharkar Cancer Specialist in Pune has given tips to prevent cancer. There are many ways that can help to prevent or lower the risk of cancer. Preventative tips must be taken for the same. We all know that prevention is always better than cure and the same strategy applies to cancer. These simple steps can not only prevent cancer but those can radically increase the chances of fast recovery from cancer if someone is already suffering from the disease.

Quantity of sugar and carbohydrates:
Elimination or reduction of sugar, food based on grain can be of great help. Processed food should completely be avoided. To keep the insulin level low, all the unprocessed organic grains should be stayed away from. Any form of sugar can be harmful especially fructose as it feeds the cancer cells and helps them grow. Daily, only 25 grams of fructose intake is okay to have, which includes fruit as well.

How to prepare the food?
Frying the food must be avoided. Boiling the same can be done. Boiled food is good for cancer prevention, says one of the Best Oncologists in Pune.

Try and keep organic, fresh, locally grown food in diet. Reduce protein level and try to keep it one gram per kilogram of body weight. Coconut oil, organic eggs, high-quality meat and avocados can be a replacement for excess protein.

Proper exercise:
Exercising daily is the best one can do for himself. The risk of cancer can be reduced if one makes a habit of exercising regularly. Exercise keeps the insulin level low and this lowers the sugar environment, this discourages the spread and growth of cancer cells. According to a Cancer Surgeon in Pune, exercise makes immune cells more potential to fight cancer.

Sufficient sleep can cure many diseases. A renowned oncologist in Pune mentions that to fight cancer, uninterrupted sleep is very important. Poor quality of sleep can increase the risk of weight gain. Improper and less sleep is associated with insulin resistance. This can be a contributor to cancer’s virility.

Today’s modern busy life is very stressful. This stress is the major contributor to all diseases. Both emotional issues and professional issues may hamper one’s body. If a person is not mentally healthy, that person cannot be physically fit. So, the source of stress must be removed or needs to be worked on.