Does deodorant cause cancer?

Does deodorant cause cancer

Almost everyone in today’s life uses antiperspirant or deodorant to stay fresh. Well, people are also confused about whether there is any link between deodorant and cancer or not. Individuals are interested to know whether antiperspirants can really cause cancer or not. Some studies claim that chemicals contained in the deodorant can cause breast cancer. Well, to date there is no confident epidemiologic examinations have proven the link between breast cancer and antiperspirant.

A report was published on an Epidemiologic study in 2002 based on the examinations done on 813 women having breast cancer. As per the report, it has been noticed that there is no link between deodorant and cancer.


The link between Parabens and breast cancer

Most personal care products contain Parabens and deodorants too. Hence, whenever you use deodorants, your skin will consume a small percentage of chemicals within the parabens. Once the parabens infiltrate the body, it may cause a certain hormonal imbalance. In 2004, scholars made some studies to identify the presence of parabens in cancer, but the study did not reveal that parabens can cause breast cancer in women.

There is a myth that women may suffer from breast cancer due to the existence of Estrogen-like properties in Parabens. But, the natural Estrogen that develops in the human body is much stronger in enhancing the chances of breast cancer than Estrogen contains in parabens.

No such study has confirmed that parabens exist in breast tissue. Some studies have found the existence of parabens in urine, but there is no fact to decide that parabens have a direct link to breast cancer.

Hence, experts suggest people do not believe in those myths relating to the direct links between deodorant and cancer. People can use antiperspirants or deodorants without any fear.

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