Cervical Cancer – Symptoms and Causes

Cervical cancer treatment

Cervical cancer – Symptoms and causes

Cervical cancer develops in the Cervix’s cells. The Cervix exists in the lower part of the uterus, and it is connected to the vagina. Human papillomavirus or HPV, a sexually transmitted infection, also plays a vital role in developing cervical cancer. Research shows that almost 99 percent of Cervical Cancer is caused due to STT or Sexually Transmitted Diseases.


Symptoms of Cervical Cancer

In 2018, more than 5 lakh women worldwide were affected with Cervical Cancer, and hence experts suggest that women need to understand the signs & symptoms of Cervical Cancer.

Normally the primary symptom of Cervical Cancer grows after a long time. Women will notice a watery or bloody discharge from the vagina, and the discharge will have a foul odor. Women will also face bleeding during intercourse or even after menopause. Women can also suffer from heavy and longer menstruation.

As cancer grows, it starts spreading to other tissues. At this phase, women will suffer from difficulty in urination, fatigue, abnormal weight loss, diarrhea, swelling in the legs, etc. Women will also suffer from chronic pelvic or abdominal aches.


Prime causes of Cervical cancer

When the Cervix’s cells’ DNA starts changing or mutating, cervical cancer develops. Research shows that most Cervical cancer is developed through the HPV virus. HPV is a sexually transmitted infection that spreads through unprotected sexual contact. This situation leads to Cervical cancer.

Many can get affected by HPV but hardly can understand its effect. It is because your body’s immune system will fight against these infections. But, when the body stops fighting these infections, cancerous cells start growing in the Cervix.


Connections between HPV and Cervical Cancer

Persons can suffer from loads of HPV infections, some of which are responsible for Cervical Cancer. Hence it is suggested to consult with doctors so that this cancer can get cured at an early stage. Here it is necessary to consult with professionals like Dr. Ashish Pokharkar, Pimpri Chinchwad so that women can get healed at an early stage.