Cancer Types, Prevention, Stages

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Presently a considerable number of people are suffering from Cancer, a life-threatening disease. Cancer develops in a person when the cells in our body grow in an uncontrolled manner. These abnormally grown cells build a cluster and spread through the body. The process through which these cells keep on spreading is known as metastasis.

Types of Cancer:

Many are unaware of different types of cancers. Here we can look at the top cancer types from which most people are suffering all over the world. 

  • Lung cancer- Loads of people get affected with lung cancer every year worldwide. Research says that almost 28% of cancer patients die of lung cancer.
  • Skin cancer- Skin cancer mainly come in 4 types, and most of the types are remediable.
  • Prostate cancer- Research says that almost one in six men has Prostate cancer in the US.
  • Breast cancer- Huge numbers of women have breast cancer all over the world.

Stages of Cancer:

Cancer that consist of the tumors can be categorized into three stages.

Stage zero– 

This stage is known as the Cancer in situ or place.

Stage one-

Stage one Cancer is when the abnormal cells start developing to the adjacent tissues.

Stage Two and Stage Three-

Here, the cancer cells become more extensive and spread to other lymph nodes.

Stage fourth-

It is the advanced stage when the Cancer reaches other parts of the body.

Prevention and cure:

Doctors state five preventive strategies for Cancer. These are Primordial prevention, primary prevention, secondary prevention, tertiary prevention and quaternary prevention. Doctors suggest patients not use tobacco and stay away from smoking. One should always follow taking healthy diet and need to stay physically active. Once people are detected with state zero cancer, they need to go under medical treatment on a regular basis.

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