Breast cancer: causes, symptoms, and treatment

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Breast cancer

Cancer of the breast develops when abnormal cells in the breast expand and divide out of control, resulting in a mass of tissue known as a tumor. Feeling a lump in your breast, seeing a change in your breast size, or noticing a change in your breast skin might all be signs of breast cancer. Mammograms are a useful tool for early diagnosis. Dr. Ashish Pokharkar is one of the best Breast Cancer Specialists in Pune.

First warning symptoms of breast cancer

Individuals might have a wide range of breast cancer symptoms. Here are some of the possible warning symptoms of breast cancer:

  • Alterations to your breast size, form, or contour.
  • A noticeable bump, the size of a pea or larger.
  • Persistent breast or underarm lumps or thickenings during and after menstruation.
  • Alterations to the texture or appearance of the skin around the breasts or genitalia (dimpled, puckered, scaly, or inflamed).
  • Having your breasts or nipple becomes red.
  • A part of each breast that doesn’t look like the rest of the breast.
  • A toughened patch of tissue under the skin, resembling marble.
  • A trickle of blood-tinged or clear fluid from your nipple.

There may be no symptoms of breast cancer at all for some individuals. This highlights the need of having regular mammograms. For Breast Cancer Surgery in Pune, contact Dr. Ashish Pokharkar. He is a good Breast Cancer Doctor in Pune.

Causes of Breast Cancer

When aberrant breast cells divide and replicate, cancer develops. It is unclear, however, what sets off this process in the first place.

Several risk factors have been linked to an increased likelihood of getting breast cancer, according to the available evidence. A few examples are as follows:

Age. If you’re 55 or older, breast cancer is more likely to develop.

Sex. Breast cancer is more common in women than in males.

Ancestry and genetics. Cancer of the breast is more likely to strike if you have a family history of the illness on your mother’s or father’s or another close relative’s side. Tests for faulty genes may reveal the inherited causes of around 5–10% of breast cancer cases.

Smoking. Breast cancer is only one of several cancers that have been related to tobacco usage.

Substance abuse with alcohol. New studies show that alcoholic beverages raise the chance of developing several forms of breast cancer.

Obesity. Obesity has been linked to an increased chance of both developing and experiencing a recurrence of breast cancer.

Constant or intermittent exposure to radiation. Having had radiation treatment in the past, particularly to the head, neck, or chest, increases your risk of developing breast cancer.

Therapy involves the replacement of hormones. Hormone treatment users are more likely to get breast cancer.

However, there are several more risk factors that should not be ignored. See a doctor to find out whether you’re in danger. For reliable Breast Cancer Treatment in Pune, get in touch with Dr. Ashish Pokharkar.

Exactly what methods are used to deal with breast cancer?

Breast cancer treatment options range from surgery and radiation to chemotherapy and hormone therapy to immunotherapy and targeted drugs. What’s best for you is conditional on a number of circumstances, including the kind and extent of the tumor, the findings of any diagnostic testing, and the presence or absence of cancer in other regions of the body. Your treatment plan will be designed by your doctor just for you. It is usual practice to combine more than one therapy modality.


A breast cancer diagnosis may bring on feelings of fear, frustration, and even hopelessness. It’s crucial to make use of the various services that are available to you if you or a loved one are dealing with this sickness. Consult your doctor about possible courses of therapy. In fact, you may wish to consult a colleague for input before settling on a course of action.

When it comes to your treatment plan, you should feel nothing but contentment and hope. Last but not least, connecting with others who understand what you’re going through by joining a local support group may be a powerful way to combat feelings of loneliness. If you are looking for a good Breast Cancer Surgeon in Pune, get in touch with Dr. Ashish Pokharkar.