Best Cancer Treatment in Pune by Dr. Ashish Pokharkar

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What is Cancer?
The uncontrolled growth of the cells and forms from the extra mass tissue called the tumor is the cause of the deadly disease cancer. When the cells lose their apoptotic nature in their metabolic pathway, it leads to cancer. There are various causes such as tobacco intake, cigarette smoking, alcohol intake, poor diet and exposure to UV rays behind the development of cancer. A number of organs in our body such as the lungs, kidney, heart, brain, etc. can be affected by cancer cells. Blood cancer develops when the cancer cells spread in the bloodstream. Aluminium, arsenic, radon, lead and lead compounds are among the most cancer-causing agents. In different stages, cancer is treated by surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and bone marrow transplantation.

Major Types of cancer
According to a Cancer Specialist, the following are the three major types of cancer:

  • Carcinomas
  • Lymphomas
  • Sarcomas

CANCER management requires diagnosing, staging and strict adherence to Cancer Treatment protocol. Currently, experienced surgeons are seen to perform thousands of procedures related to cancer but are not abreast with strategies and results in cancer managements. Therefore, surgical oncology has been developed as a super specialty from General Surgery.

The suitability of a patient to be considered as for surgical operations depends on several factors. The most prima facie is his/her general health factors like age, physical fitness and other relevant medical conditions. Finding these all okay, the type, location, grade and size of the tumor is put under scrutiny. Here comes the role of a Surgical Oncologist who have specialized knowledge about such identification.

Cancer can be best treated with the application of Surgical Oncology. An oncologist is capable to provide the patient about all the possible treatment that can be performed after making a thorough study on the reports of various tests advised earlier.

The Best Surgical Oncologist in Pune is trusted for the capacity to treat malignancies. This type of treatment was introduced as a counter to the rise of complexity in multiple cancer types. Patients of current time know about the evolvement of advanced treatments and they expect from the consultant that the disease is being treated by using best technology of surgery.

Dr. Ashish Pokharkar is a Onco Surgeon Doctor & Cancer Specialist with Experience of 12+ years in surgical oncology in various departments. He is one of the few Cancer Specialists in Pune who tirelessly work to give new life to cancer patients. Due to his selfless service for cancer patients he is called as best oncologist in Pune.