5 things you need to know about stomach cancer?

Stomach Cancer

People suffer from stomach cancer due to the abnormal growth of cells inside the stomach. A muscular bump develops below the rib on the upper middle portion of the stomach. This cancer mainly affects the area around the esophagus and creates a problem with swallowing food.

Symptoms of stomach cancer

People are hardly aware of the signs and symptoms of stomach cancer. All can check the following symptoms of stomach cancer.

  • Individuals who suffer from stomach cancer will feel difficulty swallowing food. They will also feel bloated after having a meal.
  • Feeling full after consuming a small amount of food can also be a sign of stomach cancer.
  • Heartburn, indigestion, and nausea are some common symptoms of stomach cancer.
  • People who suffer from stomach cancer can also face sudden weight loss. Sudden vomiting is also a sign of stomach cancer.

Causes of stomach cancer

Research has mentioned several factors that cause stomach cancer. The primary reason for stomach cancer is the mutation of cells in the DNA. DNA sends instructions to the cells about its tasks. But, when cells start growing rapidly and do not die, the tumor develops inside the stomach. Gradually the cells capture other healthy cells and spread all over the body. Family history, stomach ulcers, obesity, and gastritis are common causes of stomach cancer.

Diagnosis process

Doctors offer several diagnosis processes for stomach cancer depending on the symptoms of the stomach cancer. Doctors suggest the diagnosis process like upper endoscopy, Endoscopic Ultrasound, Radiologic tests, etc.

Preventive measures

As per experts, it is hardly possible to prevent stomach cancer, but you can take the initiative to lower the risk of this disease. Eating healthy foods, lowering the consumption of alcohol, and quitting smoking are some basic tips to prevent stomach cancer.

Treatments for stomach cancer

Several treatments are available to treat stomach cancer. Doctors suggest treatments like chemotherapy, radiation therapy, immunotherapy, Palliative care, etc, to treat stomach cancer.


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