10 Cancer Symptoms Women Should Not Ignore

10 Cancer Symptoms Women Should Not Ignore | Dr. Ashish Pokharkar | Prathmesh Cancer Speciality Clinic

Breast cancer is a common type of cancer in women. But, they may have other kinds of cancer including cervical, colorectal, and endometrial cancer. It’s important to be aware for you as a woman to prevent these types of cancer.

Cancer Symptoms Women Shouldn’t Ignore

1. Weight Loss for Weight Gain

If you are obese or overweight, then you must lose weight to eliminate the risk of cancer. You can do so by choosing healthy foods and exercising. However, even sudden weight loss will require a doctor’s intervention.

2. Continuous Fatigue

You can get tired because of a stressful week. But after a little rest, this fatigue must go away. In case fatigue affects your everyday lifestyle, then consider seeing a doctor

3. Pain in the Abdominal or Pelvis Area

You can have discomfort or pain in your pelvis or abdominal area. This can be due to gas, pressure, bloating, or indigestion. But cramps can also be a reaction to endometrial or ovarian cancer

4. Change in Your Breasts

Women who are careful regarding breast cancer often check for bumps and lumps in their breasts. Some other symptoms include breast dimpling. You can also look out for signs like swelling, nipple inversion, and skin discoloration

5. Vaginal Discharge or Bloody Stool

Bloody stools can be due to hemorrhoids or constipation. Seventy-five percent of women and men suffer from this and they must get it checked as it can be a sign of colon cancer. Vaginal smelly, dark, or bloody discharge can be a result of endometrial cancer

6. Chronic Cough

Coughing can be a sign of lung cancer. This is especially when you are coughing blood.

7. Skin Changes

Skin cancer or melanoma can cause skin changes. These include asymmetry and inconsistent color

8. Nausea or Stomach Pain

Stomach pain or nausea is not something that you can take lightly. This is because it can be due to pancreatic, liver, or stomach cancer

9. Bloating

Bloating during menstruation is normal. However, if you have regular bloating, then it can be a symptom of uterine or ovarian cancer.

10. Difficulty in Swallowing

If you have difficulty in swallowing foods, then it can be a sign of esophageal cancer. This is why you must have regular checkups.


Here’s the key takeaway : If you experience any of these symptoms for more than two weeks, you should make an appointment with doctor to discuss what you’re experiencing. Consult with Dr. Ashish Pokharkar the Best Cancer Specialist in Pune, he is better able to help make sense of what your symptoms mean, perhaps properly diagnose your symptoms and continue to monitor for issues.